• Copper Bird

    kr 2,499.00
    I have made a series of copper birds, each one unique. They all represent different kind of personalities. Look for your favorite, or just order a bird like you! Size: ca 20 x 8 x 20 cm. But they vary in size from bird to bird.
  • Hen

    kr 2,599.00
    I first made a hen when i studied different kinds of birds. They have an extraordinary way of moving that i find interesting. There is just something smart and simple about them. Plus they lay delicious eggs.  
  • Out of stock


    kr 5,600.00
    A steel mesh horse made as a hanging decoration.
  • Mesh butterfly

    kr 1,980.00
    Steelmesh butterfly with imaginative design and is a perfect decoration in the window. Because they are made by hand, size varies between them.
  • Out of stock

    Roe Deer Buck

    kr 6,900.00
    I wanted to capture a roe deer buck with just a few simple twist and turns. It views how strong and beautiful this creature is in its simplicity. Although you can see right through the sculpture, the power shines trough it.  
  • Serene

    kr 2,400.00
    Steelmesh bird with candlelight, creates beautiful shadows when lit. Nylon cord for hanging included.  
  • Wing Beat

    kr 5,900.00
    I made this sculpture after visiting a house with a stunning view over the water. I wanted to make something that would melt in as well as create an eye cather inside. Wing Beat is made of steel mesh, formed as a par of wings without a body. I concentrated on just making the wings because I wanted them to be a reminder of what flying represents. Not to draw your thoughts to what kind of bird it really is…