• Very often life is a struggle, a fight. For who you are, what you believe in. This sculpture illustrates that inner fight for freedom. Never give up. Freedom is yours to have. Would you like to order something like this? Please place an order in my shop.  
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    kr 5,600.00
    A steel mesh horse made as a hanging decoration.
  • I tried to capture the innocence and fragile state of any man and woman with this sculpture. Life may have turned us a bit, and some wounds may still hurt. But we are still standing strong.
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    Apple Tree

    kr 10,000.00

    Up here in northern Sweden we have a lot of  beautiful birches, pines, firs and all kinds of apple trees. Waving in the wind, following natures every movement. Standing tall, strong. I marvel in their presence. Fine lines grow out of the trunk, in perfection. All different and unique.

    Are you interested in buying your own apple tree? Please place an order here and I will make one for you!  
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    Roe Deer Buck

    kr 6,900.00
    I wanted to capture a roe deer buck with just a few simple twist and turns. It views how strong and beautiful this creature is in its simplicity. Although you can see right through the sculpture, the power shines trough it.  
  • Hen

    kr 2,599.00
    I first made a hen when i studied different kinds of birds. They have an extraordinary way of moving that i find interesting. There is just something smart and simple about them. Plus they lay delicious eggs.  
  • Floral Cuff

    kr 749.00
    A steel mesh cuff shaped as a flower, to create an eyecatcher for your flower arrangement or as a decoration to your favorite vase.  
  • Self Evident

    kr 23,000.00
    This is the first sculpture of a series of several under the theme ”freedom warriors” that I had planned to do for my exhibition in New York. However the gallery wasn’t big enough for her so she stayed in Sweden. She is called Self evident because she stands on her own, not needing to be demonstrated or explained.