• Gold plated decoration shaped as a flower, ment to used as a light holder but can also function as a wall decoration. Is available in three sizes: 25 x25, 20x20 and 15 x15 cm.
  • Golden lady

    kr 2,900.00
    A gold plated steel mesh sculpture spray painted with gold and copper acrylic color. Size about 35 cm high.
  • Floral Cuff

    kr 749.00
    A steel mesh cuff shaped as a flower, to create an eyecatcher for your flower arrangement or as a decoration to your favorite vase.  
  • Copper Bird

    kr 2,499.00
    I have made a series of copper birds, each one unique. They all represent different kind of personalities. Look for your favorite, or just order a bird like you! Size: ca 20 x 8 x 20 cm. But they vary in size from bird to bird.
  • Colour Me Up

    kr 12,000.00
    A mesh sculpture spray painted with gold and brass. You can see layers of colour that shines through the spray paint, when you look at it from different angels. My aim when I created this piece was to unleash creativity and have fun with lot´s of colour.
  • Out of stock

    Apple Tree

    kr 10,000.00

    Up here in northern Sweden we have a lot of  beautiful birches, pines, firs and all kinds of apple trees. Waving in the wind, following natures every movement. Standing tall, strong. I marvel in their presence. Fine lines grow out of the trunk, in perfection. All different and unique.

    Are you interested in buying your own apple tree? Please place an order here and I will make one for you!