• Hen

    kr 2,599.00
    I first made a hen when i studied different kinds of birds. They have an extraordinary way of moving that i find interesting. There is just something smart and simple about them. Plus they lay delicious eggs.  
  • Copper Bird

    kr 2,499.00
    I have made a series of copper birds, each one unique. They all represent different kind of personalities. Look for your favorite, or just order a bird like you! Size: ca 20 x 8 x 20 cm. But they vary in size from bird to bird.
  • Rest

    kr 2,900.00
    A woman’s body lying on the side, made of iron mesh. We all need rest. We need to find peace. I think the iron grid fits this sculpture, the contrast of the sculpture’s name: REST and the iron mesh harsh nature, paints the picture of how difficult it can be to find rest in the midst of a stressful world. The body is stiff and unwieldy, but the soul is tired. You need to rest!
  • Wing Beat

    kr 5,900.00
    I made this sculpture after visiting a house with a stunning view over the water. I wanted to make something that would melt in as well as create an eye cather inside. Wing Beat is made of steel mesh, formed as a par of wings without a body. I concentrated on just making the wings because I wanted them to be a reminder of what flying represents. Not to draw your thoughts to what kind of bird it really is…
  • Floral Cuff

    kr 749.00
    A steel mesh cuff shaped as a flower, to create an eyecatcher for your flower arrangement or as a decoration to your favorite vase.  
  • Yes!

    kr 3,500.00
    Gold plated stell mesh woman with attitude! I wanted to make a sculpture of a woman with extra everything. It is plated whit gold leaf and acrylic gold spray.  
  • The esthetic of this steel mesh bowl is inspirered by pure mathematics. You can use it as a fuitbowl or as a decoration on the table.  
  • Mesh butterfly

    kr 1,980.00
    Steelmesh butterfly with imaginative design and is a perfect decoration in the window. Because they are made by hand, size varies between them.
  • Gold plated decoration shaped as a flower, ment to used as a light holder but can also function as a wall decoration. Is available in three sizes: 25 x25, 20x20 and 15 x15 cm.
  • Self Evident

    kr 23,000.00
    This is the first sculpture of a series of several under the theme ”freedom warriors” that I had planned to do for my exhibition in New York. However the gallery wasn’t big enough for her so she stayed in Sweden. She is called Self evident because she stands on her own, not needing to be demonstrated or explained.