Today I drove to Stockholm to visit FORMEX fair, the largest meeting place for interior design. With me on this trip is my amazing friend Anna Hägg, interior designer and super talented when it comes to pretty much everything! My plan is to gather inspiration, see new design and just step into the world of thousands other creative people. It´s going to be great.

I’ve always been interested in trends and how they change from time to time. It´s almost like a thermometer of our time. The fashion and interior design industry is moving incredibly fast, what is new today is waste tomorrow. Somehow I find this both challenging and interesting. My goal this trip is to find inspiration, new input and at the same time see what part me and my art can play in all of this.

Nordic Essence is the theme at the fair this fall, lets see if they captured the essence of our nordic lifestyle. Whatever that is… To me nordic essence is about being real, honest and reliable. True to your self and other. I am going to do my best to capture that essence into my artwork this fall. Looking forward to it.