How I do it

…From a pice of steel mesh to an artipice!

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1. Cutting

To begin with, I choose the appropriate mesh for the task. I’m choosing between untreated iron mesh, galvanized and copper mesh. Then I cut it to the desired size.

2. Shaping

Many people ask if I press the net against myself or any form… But it would never work, the steel mesh is too hard to press against any form or a human. So I use my hands, a pair of pliers and a hammer to shape the mesh instead.

3. Hanging

There are many ways to hang steel mesh sculptures. Because the mesh is transparent, one should keep in mind the background. A light, one-colored background is preferred. I would reccommand to hang them from the ceiling, a bit away from the wall. This way you get a floating feeling of the artwork. And you can obtain fantastic shadows when the work is illuminated. Nylon cord for hanging is always included in the purchase.

4. Unboxing

In the process of making a custom designed sculpture I often find myself deeply involved. As a special gift to each unique order, a handwritten note on my thoughts from the process, is placed in each packet.