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Johanna Forsberg portrait

Photo: Elin Nerpin

Swedish designer & art worker with an eye for innovation and perfection.

With a contrasts of tenderness and strength, delicate hands and rough iron mesh I form, by hand, exclusive artwork, each piece unique.

I live and work in a small village in Sweden, and my passion is to shape sculptures out of steel mesh with my bare hands. I made my first sculpture 2001, only seventeen years old. A few years after that, I started my firm Ateljé Johanna Forsberg and I’ve been working full time as an artist since then. I started off making a sculpture for a friend but today my customers are worldwide. My greatest source of inspiration comes from the people I meet, freedom fighters who has an inner strength. A glow of power, both strong and weak. Hard metal that I shape into smooth curves, is the perfect material to enlighten just that.

I first got in contact with steel mesh when I attended high school and studied arts&design. We got to try out different kinds of materials. Steel mesh was one of them. But we merly used it as a basis to brace up the sculpture you where working on. During my second year at highschool I got a question from one of my friends. They wanted something for their home and they asked me If I could make something. I got 100% freedom to do whatever I wanted. Since I love doing 3-dimensional works I directly started to think how I could make something that could stand out and melt in in their room at the same time. I got to think about that steel mesh. Perhaps I could make something of that?

I went to the hardware store and got myself some steel mesh. I started bending and after a while i realized that this could be something really interesting. My first plan was to use the mesh as I had done before, as a form. Now I stopped in the middle of the process and realized I was finished. The bare mesh was simply enough. And it has proven to be ever since that day in february 2001. 2004 I had my first exhibition and shortley after that I started my firm Studio Johanna Forsberg and I have been workning full time as an artist since then.


I first discovered steel mesh when I studied arts and design in high school when we tried out different kinds of materials. Steel mesh was one of them, but we merely used it as a basis to brace up the sculpture we where making. During my second year I had the opportunity to design something for a couples home. I then made a sculpture using steel mesh as a basis, only to realize that it was enough. And it has proven to be ever since. 2004 I had my first exhibition and shortly after that I started my firm Studio Johanna Forsberg. I have been working full time as an artist since then.
My studio is located in Lögdeå, a beautiful village in Northern Sweden. Here you can enjoy the latest from my workshop and watch me work. The studio is open for visitors, please contact me and we’ll schedule a meeting. I would love to show you around!

Not able to get there? I can arrange a skype meeting where you can see, through the screen, my studio up close. Do not hesitate to contact me and we’ll arrange a meeting!

Mail: art@johannaforsberg.se
Phone: +46 640 38 03
Skype username: ateljejohannaforsberg

Yes, you can be sure to buy my art and designworks at the same price everywhere you go. However, this only applies for sales within Sweden. Due to the additional costs of exhibition abroad.
Yes, you can by directly from me. Absolutely! Check out my shop here. You can also meet with me in my studio. Don’t hesitate to contact me and schedule a meeting.

Mail: art@johannaforsberg.se
Phone:+46 70 640 38 03

I don’t take orders directly based on someones body, i think it would be to private. Although I have made custom designed sculptures from an idé, a personality traits and so on.  So I would love to hear your thoughts, please contact me and we can create something together.

Mail: art@johannaforsberg.se
Phone:+46-640 38 03

I don’t use any kind of form to shape my iron mesh. I use a pair of pliers to highlight certain details and a hammer to smooth out irregularities. Besides that I just use my hands.

Honors & Awards

Previous Exhibitions

Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Association of Entrepreneurs in Nordmaling



Centre Party & Centre Party Women


Johanna Forsberg is a creative and driven entrepreneur. A strong woman who is a model for us all.


Nordmaling Art Association & Lions Scholarship Fund


From a one-dimensional fine wire mesh the artist is capable to release the three-dimensional undulating shapes using only her hands, a hammer and a pair of pliers as tools. The result is mainly torsos where the bodily expression is central. The hard, sharp grid creates an esoteric design that is both expressive tactile and decorative in its timeless simplicity.

Gjeorg & Hjördis Andersson Scholarship Fund


The fund’s purpose is to reward youth who demonstrated great creativity, entrepreneurship and making creative efforts within the business community or cultural life, for the benefit of development and growth in Västerbotten County.

Pop up gallery at Olofsfors iron mill, Västerbotten

“A day for life”, Svenska kyrkan, Manhattan, New York
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Roddarhuset, Vaxholm, Stockholm

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Siemens Financial Services, Umeå

Galleri EOS, Gamla stan, Stockholm
”Hermansons 5 stolar”, Hermansons Möbler, Umeå
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Grubbes bibliotek, Umeå
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