So many things has happend on my business journey the past month, not to mention the  last year! I am now in the middle of two super exciting design collabs, (tell you more about them later) and starting High Coast Creative, a network of creatives in the high coast region. The past month has been about taking a leap of faith into my future, by doing strategic changes in order to grow. That is why I also changed my company from sole priorship (enskild firma) to limited (AB).

I humbly look back on my journey and realizes that so many talented, gifted and generous people has helped me along the way. Of course I did most of the actual work myself, but to have people around that give the right kind of support in the right time, is truly key to success. This past 10 years has been about having fun, learning how to stay curious and creative, meeting amazing people and working harder then I thought was possible. All in the same journey.

Thank you for being a part of it, you are amazing!
Love Johanna


Sculpture YES! In goldplated mesh 40 cm high.

I made this sculpture as a “high five” to all of you out there who is “too loud”, too much” or maybe “too happy”. I wanted to make a sculpture who radiates confidence and pride, somewhat extra everything. It´s called YES!

Yes, this is me and this is who I am.
Yes, I think I was created like this and there is a reason why.
Yes, the world needs me. All of me.