• Rest

    kr 2,900.00
    A woman’s body lying on the side, made of iron mesh. We all need rest. We need to find peace. I think the iron grid fits this sculpture, the contrast of the sculpture’s name: REST and the iron mesh harsh nature, paints the picture of how difficult it can be to find rest in the midst of a stressful world. The body is stiff and unwieldy, but the soul is tired. You need to rest!
  • Torso

    kr 2,500.00
    Strong and confident standing on her own. Many of my women sculpture carry a self-confidence I think is worthy of them. A woman is a remarkable creation. Be sure to look for it in every woman you meet.  
  • Strong

    kr 2,500.00
    Although this man looks strong, strength has nothing to do with muscularity. I often tend to depict other sides of the story. What do you think lies beneath this one?  
  • Torso, Darling

    kr 2,500.00
    A woman handmade of non treated steel/iron mesh. Strong and confident standing on her own. I think every woman is a remarkable creation and I try to capture that through the hard metal mesh. Every sculpture is handmade and unique. Order a sculpture like this one or send me an email and we discuss your thoughts. Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 40 cm
  • Copper Bird

    kr 2,499.00
    I have made a series of copper birds, each one unique. They all represent different kind of personalities. Look for your favorite, or just order a bird like you! Size: ca 20 x 8 x 20 cm. But they vary in size from bird to bird.
  • Golden lady

    kr 2,900.00
    A gold plated steel mesh sculpture spray painted with gold and copper acrylic color. Size about 35 cm high.
  • The structures are made up of steel mesh bend into a soft curve inspired by the logic of pure mathematics. The mesh grid creates a mass of intricate shadows when lit. Also available in various colors, stainless steel and as a light holder with a flat bottom. The translucent lines gives the mesh holder a weightless hovering. The PARABOLID light holder is the perfect eye catcher in your home.